SERT of basis for the reinforcement of houses, buildings, bridges and other large structures in construction; A frame is an element of steel used for the reinforcement of concrete (reinforced concrete) or masonry (armed stone).

Il is composed of carbon steel and has a ribbed surface to improve his grip with concrete; The latter is a material very resistant to compression, but weak in tension. To compensate for this imbalance, we incorporated into the mass of concrete reinforcement cages designed to resume the efforts of traction.

Lmasonry, with its mortar joints, has the same weaknesses as the concrete. To improve traction resistance, can be incorporated of rebar cages in the voids of the masonry elements.


It is possible to have an infinity of shape with different diameter, for this, our technical services will assist you for more details.

-Low cost comparison - standard and similar measures execution speed
No waste, no losses on the construction site - ready to use