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Our company was born in 2003.

Of family experience in the field of metallurgy dating back to 1948We have stopped to develop processes and products able to follow developments in the field of construction and meet requirements in terms of cost and quality.

Our products are addressed as well to individuals and professionals in the sector, and we want to respect standards and most rigorous global standards.

Our more.

Each customer is unique. It has specific needs to analyse, understand and satisfy. Throughout the manufacturing process, the company must take into account the requirements of its customers in terms of quality, time and costs. Sense of touch, capacity of listening and analysis are essential assets.

This site has been set up for our current and future customers in order to follow the evolution and the activities of our company and learn more about our different areas of activity.


A wide range of products and solutions


Enjoy global support

Thanks to the composition of our team and the diversity of our experiences, we are able to meet all your projects, whatever their nature:

Analysis and study: from the specifications based on your needs, OKBY industry recommends you the best solution to your project.

Installation and follow-up: OKBY industry you accompanied by the supply of the products until their commissioning, and manages fully every step of your project.

Maintenance and after-sales service: to ensure the longevity of your facilities and use safely, OKBY industry offers maintenance contracts in accordance with the legislation in force.

Trust the experts of perimeter protection

  • Applications:

    homes, communities, authorities and establishments receiving the public, industries, sensitive sites...

  • All needs:

    Depending on your security requirements, ease of use, design and budget.

  • All solutions:

    standard or custom-made, the demarcation to the management of access until the lifting of doubt.


Construction and buildings

Light, easy and quick to lay, thanks to its modularity, the bier lattice allows the designer to vary the geometric parameters to suit all situations with great architectural freedom.

Securing a sensitive site

Networks and the barbed wire Concertina blades are deterrents and high security that effectively protect warehouses, parks equipment, storage areas.

Preserve my property

Discover our range of fences and grillages for private or professional use, as well as our protection for your children, your pets and your access solutions.


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